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Microsoft Access in the Cloud

One of the strengths of Microsoft Access is it's ability to perform in so many environments. It is still the best desktop development system around, but with the advent of tablets, mobiles and the cloud the MS Access platform has really shown it's maturity and flexibility.

We are receiving more and more requests to connect client Access databases to:

  • An SQL server database hosted in the cloud

  • A SharePoint list in Office 365

  • An Excel Workbook in Dropbox

The fact that MS Access does all of this by design and with ease is testament to the adaptability of the platform. Even systems build back in the 1990's can be easily migrated to the cloud, whilst retaining their core functionality. This ensures that as the need for remote data grows you can rely on Access to keep up with the latest technologies.

If you have an Access Database than needs to be migrated to the cloud, contact us now and one of our expert developers will have your system available and secure in no time.

Microsoft Access In The Cloud


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