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Peace Of Mind By Design

None of the applications that we have developed have required extensive help files - we believe that if you need to delve into a help system, then the software is by definition unintuitive.

Why you need support


  • Your systems change - There is always a new version of Windows or Office on the horizon. When you upgrade your systems, you may need our support to ensure that your Access database will adjust to the changes.

  • User errors - We plan meticulously for every eventuality, but users will always find 'creative' ways to break things.

  • Acts of God - Let's hope not...But, if the cleaner pulls the plug out of your network server, you might need our help.

How we support you

  • If you encounter a problem running our application, we are always happy to liaise directly with your IT support people. We will ensure that you do not end up getting caught in the middle of a technical ping-pong match.

  • Existing applications - If you already have an Access database that was written by another developer, we are happy to provide you with support.

  • Any means - Email, telephone or on-site. whatever suits you.

Download Our Remote Support Tool

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