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Its not often that I put pen to paper to thank a company however I wanted to write a quick note to thank you for the way you have responded to our needs on the recent project.

From the first time I contacted you I found your service both personable and professional, and this has continued throughout the project. Whenever I have needed additional support or assistance it has been provided extremely quickly and very competently.

Your guidance and input into the design of our database has resulted in a very usable system that has exceeded my expectations.

I look forward to working with you on future projects and developments when they arise.

Dan Batley
BSkyB Group Security


Having spent some time looking for someone who understood the challenges of MS Access, we commissioned Paul to build a new booking database for our specialist ski company, Ski 2. 
The brief was to create a bespoke booking system to deal with all the intricacies of our ski programme, with clients arriving on a choice of 40 flights a day, on any day of the week and to stay for periods of between 2 and 14 nights! 
Paul dealt calmly with the task, working with us to understand exactly what we wanted. What however particularly impressed me, was his ability to explain things in plain English and not (as most other programmers I had spoken to) in ‘techno-speak’. There are lots of computer professionals out there who assume that all their clients know as much about computer programmes as they do – Paul is not one of those and his approach has been refreshing. 
We will be using Paul again to further develop the system he has built for us.

Roger Walker
Roger Walker Travel

I am hearing great things about the new BBB, and really want to thank you for all your help and perseverance with getting it into such great shape.

It has been harder than I had hoped, partly because the scope grew when we realized just how good you could make this, but also because of our own IT controls, however I am pleased to say I think we are virtually there!!!

Thank you once again, and if you need any references or recommendations, then we would be glad to assist, most certainly if there are any other projects we hear about needing your skills I would have no hesitation in recommending you for the job.

Simon Malek-Jahanian
Operations Financial Controller
UK & Ireland


We have worked for around 3 years with Comcraft. They designed a bespoke database for us, installed it and then supported it on-going. Throughout the whole process, which continues today, Comcraft have been professional, effective and courteous. They have a talent for making things understandable for “non-techies” and helping you to get out of the system just what you intended and more. They have always responded quickly to queries and come up with creative and successful solutions. We cannot recommend them highly enough.
John Shipman
Operations Director

Military Medical Personnel

Having set up in business six years ago, it recently became apparent that running the business using Microsoft Outlook was not sufficient in a growing company.
I therefore set about finding a database expert, and Paul Harrold came top of the website search engine.
I could immediately tell on the telephone, that he knew his stuff and that we would be able to work together.
Paul has succeeded in designing a custom-built Access database, which is extremely efficient and enables me to determine, sales and profit at the touch of a button as well as sales by salesperson, orders placed within certain date boundaries and a multitude of other searches.
We are able to invoice, print labels and produce text messages all from the same template with ease.
I have been extremely impressed and satisfied with Paul, his approach to his work, his perfectionism and the results that these attributes have produced. The database that he has designed and built, and still continues to adapt as my business grows, has made my business far more efficient, and thus made it easier and quicker to obtain the end result.
I would not hesitate in recommending Paul Harrold. He is an extremely likeable person, and he works in a professional and proficient way. His understanding of the different requirements of my business is very impressive, and his adaption of knowledge in databases has resulted in a very satisfied customer.
I would be very happy to discuss this further with any prospective clients of Paul.
Stephen Slade

Smooch Rings

We are a large therapy and training organisation and we are happy to write and commend Paul Harrold and Comcraft for the work he is doing for us in relation to our database systems.
We have complex internal processes requiring effective IT back-up including the integration of different functions – e.g. access to our services, timetabling, finance and fundraising. We have Access databases for both service delivery and our training programme. We were introduced to Paul as an ancillary consultant in 2007 at a point when a necessary overhaul of our existing service database had run into difficulties, and he was primarily instrumental in bringing the process back on track. Since then he has become our regular consultant, both advising us on database strategy and initiating and executing the step-by step overhaul, development and maintenance of both databases. 
We have been very impressed by the way Paul has been able to come in and work with databases of which he was not the original designer or consultant. We have benefited from his expertise with Access, his ability to listen to internal personnel and work with our human systems, the creative solutions he has found to design problems, and his provision of ‘user friendly’ tools to help us day-to-day.
Last, but not least, we have appreciated Paul’s indefatigable patience, good humour and efficiency in dealing with our needs, requests and, sometimes, ‘cries for help’. . 

Lesley Murdin (Chief Executive)
Mary Anne Coate (Internal database Consultant)

WPF Counselling and Psychotherapy

About a year ago I had a requirement for a fairly simple database to use as a basic CRM. I had a rough idea of what I wanted in the back of my mind when I contacted Comcraft.
After a few telephone discussions with Paul the database swiftly developed - his suggestions were the making of this tool! Without his immediate understanding and grasp of what I wanted I would probably still be floundering now.
There were a couple of beta versions before the final product was delivered - by email - and the final version has been of great benefit to me personally and my company in particular - no customer escapes now!
If anybody out there wants a good job without a lot of bother attached I would suggest they beat a path to Paul's door...hurry up before the rest of the business community hear about this guy!

Geoff Fisher
Sales Manager

Antony Rowe Limited

Just a few lines to say how pleased I am with the database you designed for us at Actionline. The ease in how it works and the transparency of how the information is shown has made life a lot easier for us.
I also appreciate your always being available when I have any queries and your speed and efficiency in dealing with any updates I have needed to be installed.
Karl Clark
Distribution and Merchandising Manager

Actionline (Hamerville Magazines Limited)

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