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Why we are passionate about Microsoft Access

Access is an extremely versatile platform. Whether you’re a large corporation, or a small-business, Access gives us the tools to help you get what you need more quickly, with more flexibility, but without a high price tag.

The flexibility of Access:


  • Dual Online\Offline applications
    The ability to seemlessly switch beetwen online and offline. Sharepoint and Access are an unrivalled partnership that allow you to storeyour data in the cloud, but work offline when required without need to configure anything - just disconnect from the internet and carry on working. When you reconnect all of you data syncs up automatically!

  • Small systems
    If you just want a manageable way to record cleaning rotas. We can build a system in Access for you in no time at all.

  • Large Systems
    We have created many sophisticated systems using Microsoft Access on local networks and in the cloud. We recently developed a system for a Recruitment Agency that allows users to match candidates to Vacancies using very detailed and specific criteria (i.e. location, availability, skills sets etc...). We have also used Access to build a booking system for a travel agency.

Access systems can provide the following functionality:

  • Automating Microsoft Office:
    One click mail merge!
    Automatically sending emails with attachments.
    Creating Excel spreadsheets - then emailing them with just a couple of mouse clicks.
    Grabbing sales order data from incoming emails, then using that data to generate sales reports (one mouse click!)

  • SMS text messaging.

  • Bar code scanning.

  • Powerful search, analysis and reporting.

  • And so much more...

    Access uses the same programming language throughout the Office suite. So if you need your database to seamlessly connect with Word, Excel, Outlook or any other Microsoft Office application, Access does the job with ease.

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