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Access developer anyone?

So who needs an Access Developer? Usually someone with a smallish budget that needs a robust solution fairly quickly. So maybe a sole trader looking to manage his clients or inventory more efficiently, or a finance director needing detailed analysis of her data. A skilled Access developer will show you things that will make you wonder why you persevered with Excel for so long. Don’t get me wrong, Excel is great, but is not a database – if you need multiple concurrent users, or the ability to create relational data (more on that elsewhere….), or a reporting system that is pretty much unrivalled in its ease of use (wonderful wizards!) and power, then you are ready for Access. At Comcraft we get a lot of enquiries from clients who have built their own databases and now need an experienced Access developer to iron out the creases or add a few bells and whistles. From the very start of a project we try to understand what the client wants to do, but more importantly than that we ask why they want to do it. That is the single most imported question an analyst/programmer can ask…”Why?” Why do you do it like that? Why do you do it then? Why do you think that is good/bad? etc…. The first role of an Access developer is that of systems analyst. Get that bit wrong and the project is on the slide from the start. So when you choose your Access developer make sure he is questioning your motives, practices and objectives throughout the analysis stages. That way you will be able to differentiate between what needs creating and what needs improving. Remember that the best developers are excellent analysts as well, it is an integral part of the job. If you need an Access developer for your project contact the experts, contact Comcraft.

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