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The UK Database Specialists Since 1998

  • No job too big

  • No job too small

  • You own the software

  • UK based / UK wide

  • Migration to the Cloud

  • Highly competitive pricing

  • Support for existing systems

  • Highly experienced Database Developers

Why Choose Us?

As professional database developers since the 1990's, we have a wealth of experience working with organisations of all sizes. We provide systems and support for multinationals, charities and sole traders alike.

Whatever your business sector, you name it, we have the experience. Couple this with the fact that we are specialists in all things database (.NET, SQL, Access, etc.) related and you know that you are in safe hands.

However, our real talent is that we keep things simple!

If you need a New database...

Our experts will develop a simple, elegant solution for you for the web, mobile, or desktop. We will work with you to translate your requirements into an easy-to-use application. Our software has been used by the biggest brands for years - now you can benefit from the experience of our team of talented software developers and application programmers. And with our 100% guarantee, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice.

...or have an Existing database...

If you already have an database in need of attention or new features, our experts will provide you with the insight on how best to proceed. Tidying things up, fixing minor bugs, or coding complex algorithms, it's all the same to us - databases are our passion. We will take your existing database and breathe new life into it...

...we Support you.

We provide support services for your existing database systems and can take over the maintenance and development of your database if the original developer is unavailable. We will analyse your existing applications and study your requirements both now and in the future. Once we fully understand your needs, you will receive a support agreement designed specifically for you.

"From the first time I contacted you I found your service both personable and professional, and this has continued throughout the project."

"...the scope grew when we realized just how good you could make this...I would have no hesitation in recommending you..."
Hitachi Data Systems Limited

"What however particularly impressed me, was his ability to explain things in plain English and not (as most other programmers I had spoken to) in ‘techno-speak’."
Roger Walker Travel Limited

"They have a talent for making things understandable for “non-techies” and helping you to get out of the system just what you intended and more...We cannot recommend them highly enough."
Military Medical Personnel

"Last, but not least, we have appreciated Paul’s indefatigable patience, good humour and efficiency in dealing with our needs..."
wpf Therapy

Years of Experience

We have built a solid reputation over many years as UK Database Specialists. Your database will be built and maintained by one of our skilled application developers. Our testimonials illustrate our ability, attention to detail, and desire to provide a solution that fits your needs exactly. To get the best out of your data you need to be working with experts and that's what we are.

Comcraft have been specialising in database application development for well over 20 years. If you need professional developers to build your application, we have the expertise. Good database design requires an in-depth knowledge of various platforms. Our experts have these qualities and the skills to develop the best solution for you!

  • New Database Design

  • Existing Database Enhancements

  • Comprehensive Database Support

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